Arya Gurukul Celebrated a Greener Environment Day

On 5th June 2017, Arya Gurukul, Ambernath celebrated World Environment Day with full enthusiasm. The initiative #GoGreenAmbernath was organized with the message to promote a greener environment. Children along with parents were given a chance to plant trees at the school premises.

The event turned into a huge success with children and parent actively taking part in the initiative. Arya Gurukul is one of the best schools in Ambernath, and we believe in spreading such social message so that everyone can be aware of it. The real message of our environment day celebration was to promote a green environment, encourage people to plant more tree, save wildlife and spread the word around.

We often forget to think about nature and its benefits to us, things like cutting down trees, polluting the air, climate change, etc. are affecting the environment in many ways. So, to put an end to all of the adverse effects on nature and environment we encouraged parent and students of Arya Gurukul, Ambernath to join us in promoting a green nature. To spread the global message, we went ahead with our initiative to raise awareness and promote a healthier, greener environment with the motto Go Green Ambernath.

We are one of the best schools in Ambernath, and we believe schools should not just teach basic education but should come up with good cause to maintain a better lifestyle with healthy social activities, this can change the mindset of people towards nature and its significance to human.

Our #GoGreenAmbernath initiative was a real hit, and we wish to cherish this moment for the rest of our academic year. We also wish to spread the message around and help make the world a greener place to live.