AryaGlobal’s Manthan 2022- a two day educational extravaganza.

Manthan, an Education Today Foundation initiative is an Art, Craft and Science festival. The whole month of August was charged with activities and events at Arya Gurukul School as all the 4 AryaGlobal schools with 3000 participants from Arya Gurukul, Nandivali, Ambernath, St. Mary’s High School, Kalyan and Modern School, Ambernath came together to create a whirlpool of new ideas and thoughts. 

The final events were held on the 13th and 14th of August to herald the Indian Independence Day celebrations on a positive note.  

Displays of the student’s artwork and presentations were inaugurated on 13th August, at Arya Gurukul, Nandivali. The special Chief Guests for the event were Shri. Narendra Pawar, Ex MLA and Smt. Vishakha Sutar, Principal, The Scholars High School and Junior College, Bhiwandi.  

The Valedictory Program was held on 14th August, where the winners were awarded by Dr. Haripal Sonawat, Former Scientist, TIFR and Dr. Reeta Sonawat, Director, Ampersand Group, Former Dean, Professor & HOD Human Development, SNDT Women’s University. 

The day commenced with more than  600 parents visiting the exhibition and the valedictory function. 

One of the highlights of the event was the noble initiative by the students of St.Mary’s where they made organic products like candies, moisturizers, oils, and perfumes and sold it in the exhibition. 

The proceeds from the same that is   Rs.7,000 will be donated for the education of less privileged children.  

The management has decided to contribute an equal amount and support this generous cause. 

Arya Gurukul, Nandivali retained the rolling trophy 2022-23 for the third consecutive year. 

Little Aryans, Pre-Primary Section Ambernath won the rolling trophy 2022-23 in Group A. 

One more feather on the cap was the panel discussion by the alumni of Arya Gurukul, 

Nine students from the Alumni team attended the panel discussion, they were from various fields such as a student of IIT, Powai, pursuing MBBS, pursuing IB and into fashion design and content creation. 

Highlights of Manthan 2022- 

The Theme for this year’s Manthan was United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or SDG and students presented various speeches, participated in Debates that centered around a particular aspect of the SDG goals, created posters and art installations, undertook a creative writing exercise. A very unique event at Manthan 2022 was when students got to interview a certain reputed member of the society and were judged based on what questions they posed. This particularly helped in children realising the value of research and thinking on the spot.  

Manthan is a rare and excellent opportunity for the students to build on their life skills. It was inspiring to watch the children present their research on stage and answer the judges’ questions confidently. 

The Valedictory Program in itself was a sight to behold with beautiful songs and dances. 

A wonderful Book exhibition with over 15000 books on display added to the ambience as parents and children looked through the books and could even purchase them.  

Remarks by Special Guests 

Shri. Bharat Malik, Chairman of Arya Global, Dr. Neelam Malik, who represents Education Today Foundation along with the entire staff put their heart and soul in planning and executing this event.  

Shri. Bharat Malik quoted, “Manthan is very dear to us. AryaGlobal schools are always looking at ways to engage children where they learn relevant life skills and Manthan is a step in that direction. Freedom to express and Freedom to choose is important to us and this event achieves both.” 

आर्य गुरुकुल मध्ये “मंथन 2022” कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन

Dr. Neelam Malik states, “The theme of SDG was consciously chosen because we feel that it’s the need of the hour. We believe that the environment is the third teacher and therefore are working towards the idea of Green schools where children learn amidst nature and through nature. It is important that our students think about sustainability in everything they do.” 

Shri. Pawar and Smt. Sutar both expressed their appreciation for the students who were up–to–date in their knowledge of matters concerning today’s times and expressed that AryaGlobal’s initiative is a unique way leading to ‘thinking children’. 

The most satisfied were the proud parents of the participating students who were in awe of each presentation. The event left them with a sense of confident that their children and the future of the nation will be progressive where their children are given a chance to learn so many things in a fun and interactive manner.