The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Students

Apart from books knowledge or the lessons learned in school, it is important for students to have a balance in their emotional intelligence too. So, what does emotional intelligence means? It is the ability to manage or express one’s own emotions as well as understand the same in others.

Emotional intelligence can affect students in their studies, school’s activity, and their behaviors in many ways. It is, therefore, a necessity to check on your child’s EQ along with his/her common intelligence. As one of the best schools in Dombivli, Arya Gurukul attains to the needs of every student when it comes to a considering or listening to their opinions. We believe that the ability to express his/her views and understand the feelings of others can benefit students in every learning field.

It has been found that students with low emotional intelligence may have difficulties to focus and bond with their peer group, they may even show aggression and might fail to communicate their feelings to others which will eventually affect their learning. Taking this consequences seriously, we at Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Dombivli realizes the importance of highlighting the different aspect on how to develop their EQ, for instance- self-awareness to help them identify their feelings about certain situations. Allowing them to self-express their emotions by letting them to freely communicate how/she feels in any given situation, discussing their issues or anything related to dealing with stress and teaching them the importance of empathy will benefit the child to improve on his/her emotional level as well as in others. Such conversation will allow them to have stability and help curb their feelings in any level of situations.

As a parent, one must understand that it is not only the books knowledge your child needs, but it is equally essential to comprehend the emotional wave every student goes through during their learning journey.  Thus, keeping a check on your child’s normal emotions is a great way to build your bond with them, as well as develop his/her learning skills in every field.