Build your Child’s self-esteem with the following Method

In order to offer your child a successful and a happy life, it is important to build his/her self-esteem. When children have confident in themselves, it can lead to good result and success in life. A positive attitude will allow him/her to accept challenge, take risk, understand failure, and improve his/her drawbacks. Also, reminding them of their achievements can lead to improvement of his/her self-image too. As one of the best schools in Dombivli, we ensure your child with our mission to set an example as an educational paragon that teaches students to learn from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow. We offer children with all the facilities and opportunities to prove his/her capabilities with a sense of confidence.

Children are usually looking for a chance to learn new things, explore, and know more about the world, however if they lack self-confidence or self-esteem, they will stop themselves from asking those queries which can improve their intellectual as well as social skills.

So, in order to instill that confidence Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Dombivli offers some steps which we can follow and build up the child’s self-esteem.

  • Give them responsibility- Unless and until they are offered a chance, children will not be able to prove their abilities. Thus it will be better if they are given some responsibilities to fulfill. Handing over a responsibility will promote confidence in him/her.
  • Let them take challenges- Encourage your child to take up challenges and let them overcome the feeling of failure. This will subsequently allow him/her to be confident enough to take up certain challenges in life.
  • Compliment his/her achievements– Compliment your child as often as possible. Let them know how you are proud of his/her accomplishment. This comment will not only promote self- confidence, but it will also allow him/her to do better.
  • Don’t Compare- Every child is unique in his/her ways, so remember not to compare him/her with his/her friends. By doing so you are placing doubts in their skills which will lead to discouragement and negative feelings towards themselves.