Tips for Parents to Improve Children’s Academic Performance

In the child’s academic performance, the role of a parent is equally important as the role of the teachers. The involvement of parents in the school can assist the child in making him/her a good student.

As a parent, you become your child’s first teacher so whatever he/she is in the classroom, should be how he/she has been taught at home. At Arya Gurukul, the best school in Kalyan, we let parents become a part, so that they are able to contribute in improving the school’s curriculum, through their support and guidance.

Here are some tips for Parents to follow and understand your child more closely:

  • Timings- Keep a timing for your child’s homework and playtime. Set a routine so that he/she can follow accordingly, to study, to play, and to sleep on time.
  • Healthy Eating Habits- Arya Gurukul, one of the top cbse schools in Kalyan, believes in promoting a healthy eating habits in your child. Thus, parents are encourage to send food which are rich in nutrient.
  • Role Model- Be a positive role model for your child. Set a good example for them to follow.
  • Communicate– The best way to understand your child will be through communication. Always keep a time to talk with them and listen to whatever he/she has to share. This will let them express their thoughts, and increase their confidence.
  • Let them be- It is always a good idea to teach your child, but sometimes your child requires his own choices too. Hence, give them the liberty to let them be who they want to be.