Workshop on Developing Reading Habit conducted at Arya Gurukul.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” 

Arya Gurukul, Ambernath conducted a one day workshop for the students and their parents. The topic of the workshop was ‘Developing and inculcating the habit of Reading among children’. The session was conducted by Author of Children’s book ‘About the Bee, the butterfly and a Bunny’, Ms Rumjhum Sengupta. 

The session started with a storytelling session by Ms Sengupta which the students enjoyed a lot. This was followed by tips to the children on how one can gain interest in reading such as selecting books on topics of interest and visiting bookstores and libraries. Ms Sengupta appreciated the Arya Gurukul school library, saying that such facilities is what makes Arya Gurukul the top CBSE school in Ambernath and urged children to make use of the school library. 

During her interaction with the parents, meaningful discussions were held on how the parents can motivate and encourage their children to read, advantages and disadvantages of technology was discussed and parents shared their own likes and interests in reading. The most important point discussed was on how parents can be role models for their children to inculcate a mindset to read. It was an interactive discussion which was followed by a Question-Answer session. 

Ms. Sengupta was very impressed by the way the program was organised, under the guidance of Principal, Ms. Anita Lal. She appreciated our students who conducted the program and was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by our students in making the session interactive and interesting. Every student got a chance to speak and answer questions and share views.  

At the end of the program, the children were left with a love for stories and took a vow to read more and more books and to make reading a part of their daily lives.