Creating a Positive Learning Experience in the Classroom

What is a positive learning environment? It is an environment where students feel accepted by the teachers, where he/she is allowed to express his/her views, where learning is a pleasurable experience rather than a pressure, and a feeling of strong bond within the peers. A healthy teacher-student relationship can result a positive learning environment, where clear and concise communication are exchanged and students are happy to learn and explore. As one of the top cbse schools in Ambernath, we believe in instilling positivity in the student’s life through enriching school experience.

A positive energy in the classroom will allow students to feel safe and comfortable, students will be more expressive and be willing to participate in classroom activities. We are amongst the top cbse schools in Ambernath, and the environment of our school is such that teachers and students share a positive bond in the learning process.

We list some tips on how schools can create a positive learning environment:

  • Listen- One of the most important thing for a smooth learning experience is to listen. Students crave for attention, so as a guide it is necessary to hear them out and clear out their doubts which can result to positive attitude in the classroom.
  • Communication- Building strong communication with your student will bridge the gap and bring you closer to his/her understanding. Try talking to them about certain important issue, this will lead to a positive teacher-student relationship in the classroom.
  • Keep the trust- Don’t doubt the ability of your student. Trust in him/her and he/she will prove it to you. The trust that you have in him/her will only increase positivity, this will result to an improvement in his/her academic performances too. 

Creating a positive learning environment will not only improve a child’s classroom performances, but also build his/her self-esteem and motivate them throughout the learning journey.