How to create a culturally responsive classroom in Arya Gurukul

For a positive classroom environment, there should be a positive relationship between the teacher and her students. In a classroom, it is the teacher’s responsibility to see that students respect each other’s view as well as the culture they are brought up in.

It is important to understand where the child is from and how he/she should feel safe and secure in the environment they are. Arya Gurukul, one of the best schools in Dombivli believes in imparting a safe cultural environment for a better understanding of our diverse country.

Here are a few steps on how to create a culturally responsive classroom-

  • Know your students: As a teacher, it is important to know your student and understand him/her both culturally and socially. As one of the bestschools in Dombivli, Arya Gurukul treats each student with care and provide equal support to them.
  • Be a role model: Being a teacher, one should inspire and encourage the student so that he/she is looked up as a role model by the students. The teacher should set a good example, influence the kids, and help them grow as a responsible being by providing them with life’s lesson. This will enable the student to learn from her guide and they will treat them as a mentor. 
  • Provide lessons on cultural diversity- Young learners are curious to learn new things since they are new to the world around. As a teacher/guide it is necessary to provide them with related subjects where they will get to understand and differentiate culture and ethics. This will enable them to have a wider understanding as well as teach them the importance of respecting other cultures too.

Thus, a culturally responsive classroom can be created by following some rules and teaching students the differences of every culture so that he/she will start respecting their peer groups.